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Personal coaching is a professional, confidential relationship with clear boundaries and ground rules. Our ADHD coaches are committed to client privacy.

General Statement

ADDed Dimension Coaching group honors and protects your privacy to the fullest extent possible. We do not solicit private information from clients unless it is essential to the provision of services, and clients may always decline. Our ADHD coaches maintain professional standards, principles and practices, set by the Buy Phentermine Pills, and Buy Phentermine 37.5 Weight Loss.

Social Media

Potential clients should understand that there is no expectation or request to participate in social media, to friend, circle, link, share, blog, etc. Our mission is to provide personal coaching, not build a social network of clients. Our small social media presence is purposeful, and for promotional purposes only. Our ADHD coaches never put out information that could lead to the personal identification of clients.

Personal Contact Information

We never share or sell contact information from our visitors or clients with any third party. We request and maintain whatever contact methods and boundaries clients prefer. We do not leave voice mail, texts, etc. without clear guidelines from our clients.

Coach-client Interaction

All information exchanged or contained in the course of the coaching relationship is confidential unless the client gives express written consent that indicates otherwise. Phone sessions are the place to discuss personal details. Email, texts, etc. are for general feedback. Upon client request, we can share information with others such as family, therapist, or other coaches.

We welcome you to set up a free Phentermine 70 Mg. Dave, Peggy, Cam, Jo Ann, Wendy, Denslow - Bring Your Goals To Life -