There are three challenging realities at the center of life with ADHD that high level coaching is uniquely effective with:

1. ADHD is complicated and individualized

Your ADD coach is an expert guide to greater understanding

Current science recognizes ADD as a complex, brain-based condition affecting organization, activation, memory, and focus. These ADHD connect and
compound one another, and play out uniquely in each person’s life. Our ADD coaches are expert guides to help demystify ADD, and grow your understanding,
awareness, and self-empowerment.

List of great resources: Quality ADHD Resources

2. It is difficult to self-invent effective solutions

Your ADHD coach is a creative partner to best solutions

Over the years people with ADD acquire a set of habits, mindsets, and compensations in an effort to have greater success. But we live “so close” to these ingrained ways that it is hard to step back and see new ways. Effective, lasting solutions are built from a collaborative co-design approach using the experience of both coach and client.

Typical strategy areas: What is ADHD-specific Coaching.

3. ADD impacts motivation, activation, mood, and performance

Your ADD coach is a supportive ally for energizing the process

At the core of underachievement are ADD problems like procrastination, overwhelm, distraction, and energy flux. These challenges are often the most frustrating. You and your brain NOT being ON as needed is usually at the center of lost potential. It is a powerful thing to have an engaging partnership, an understanding ally, with shared commitment that builds activation, focus, accountability, and optimism.

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