ADD coaching is a specialized branch of life coaching that requires
expertise in three essential content areas:

1. ADD-specific knowledge

Current, accurate, evidence-based information

Knowledge is the foundation of all positive change. Your ADD Coach guides you through the information maze. We help decipher what’s fact, fiction, and informed opinion. What are reputable resources, experts, and organizations? What are established best practices, and how does it apply to you and your goals?
Take a look at our Quality Resources page.

2. ADD-specific strategies and skills

A range of proven practical techniques

ADHD is complex and plays out uniquely in each life. Mastering the strengths and challenges means addressing several areas of life depending on the individual. Our ADD coaches help you develop personalized approaches in your area of need:

  • Effective structures
    Routines, boundaries, systems, schedules that fit you
  • Environments for success
    Good work space & tools, distraction & clutter control
  • Goal completion skills
    Clarify long & short term goals, prioritize steps & timely action
  • Life-balance / time management
    Juggling work, home, wellness, self-development
  • Communication skills
    Verbal clarity, concise, calm, on topic, listening well
  • Self-coaching skills
    Knowledge, awareness, strenghts-based strategies

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3. ADHD-specific support

The coach-client partnership energizes the process

“Cheerleading,” platitudes, hype, or “Just Do It,” these are NOT solutions for ADHD problems like overwhelm, procrastination, activation, and confidence. These difficulties are often the most hurtful because they impact functionality and they are hard to deal with on your own. The super support side of our coaching energizes qualities like connection, accountability, commitment, and optimism.

  • Gain motivation through being understood and encouraged
  • Build habits through collaborative design and accountability
  • Complete goals through feedback on steps and timing
  • Grow self-empowerment through shared expertise, new understanding, and self-coaching skills.

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