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Who Are the ADD in the Spirit Trainers?
Currently in private practice as an ADD and "Life Coach," Peggy Ramundo, BS, A.C.T., STCL, DT, SCAC has been coaching adults with ADD for 12 years and has been working professionally with ADD adults for 25 years. A senior TeleClass leader for the world's first ADD coach training program with The Optimal Functioning Institute, Peggy also served as OFI's Director of Training.

She has been an educator for over thirty years, focusing since the late '80's on the needs of ADD students from kindergarten to college, as well as adults. She has ten years experience giving ADD In-service Training to teachers.

Coauthor of You Mean I'm Not Lazy, Stupid or Crazy?! (a required text of OFI ADD Coach Training) and ADD in the Spirit, she is one of the pioneers in the field of adult ADD. The updated edition of the "Lazy Crazy" book has been in bookstores since April 2006. Last, but not least, Peggy is herself an adult with ADD and a parent of ADD children.

Madelyn Griffith-Haynie, CTP, CMC, A.C.T., MCC, SCAC is a multi-credentialed "Life Coach" pioneer as well as one of the very first ADD Coaches. Founder of the world's first comprehensive ADD-specific coaching curriculum and The Optimal Functioning Institute (OFI), she also trained non-ADD Coaches for seven years as a senior trainer with CoachU, (now CoachInc). A practicing ADD Mentor Coach, she offers private and group coaching/mentoring, as well as coaching groups for ADDers and those who live and work with them.

ADD brain-based explanations and more -
visit Madelyn's new blog, ADDandSoMuchMore

Her style of coaching can best be described as Systems Development Coaching - an approach that works with clients of all types: helping clients identify stoppers and challenges as they develop brand new ways to working that optimize strengths.

Madelyn and Peggy have combined forces to apply the best practices of both their backgrounds for the upcoming ADD in the Spirit Coach Training class.

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Why is the training program called
ADD in the Spirit?
We have chosen this name for our training because we use a spiritual framework for coaching and helping others to become coaches. A few of the systems and approaches that support our training are from the books, Coaching with Spirit, A Course in Miracles, and How Can I Help?

How do I know if ADD coaching is for me?
ADD coaches come from many different walks of life: mental health, accounting, education, advertising, performing arts, etc.. There are no educational prerequisites because ADD coaching is about leading from the heart, not the head. If most of the following statements ring true for you, you have what it takes to be an effective ADD coach.

I am,
strongly empathetic,
passionate about helping individuals with ADD,
able to listen to a different point of view without judgment,
concerned with understanding rather than being understood

I realize,
ADD has had a personal impact on my life, family, friends, coworkers,
I don't have to be an "expert" to effectively coach ADD adults,
I do not need a perfect life to begin coaching ADD

I understand,
that coaching is about helping clients find their own solutions, not coaches "fixing" them,
that my own issues must be well enough resolved to be fully present for the client,
and that curiosity and readiness to learn are essential

What is the format of the weekly classes?
Classes take place on the phone via a conference call. A private access code is issued to students enabling them to join the class each week. Class sessions during the eight-month program are largely interactive. The focus is on case studies, real-life situations, hands'-on coaching practice, supplemental exercises, peer coaching, and required reading assignments.
What is the content of the curriculum?
Specific ADD information for a working knowledge of the disorder in adults
Coaching skills specific to working with the ADD client
The Language of ADD coaching
General coaching skills

Spirit centered ADD coaching: each of us must Be before we can Do
How to recognize "who" is doing the coaching - Spirit Ego
Practical tools and strategies for clients to build from
practice building basics
What are the student requirements?
Weekly classes: 90 minutes per week
Peer coaching: one hour per week
Labs: two hours per month
Are there enrichment opportunities?
Internships: after the third month of training, students can apply to become a coach intern with ADDed Dimension Coaching Group. As Associate coaches, interns can receive referrals and a jump-start on build their ADD coaching practice.

Mentor Coaching: During their internship, students work with a seasoned ADD coach (Peggy Ramundo, Madelyn Griffith-Haynie, Kate Kelly) as their coaching mentor.

Supplemental work: readings and exercises individualized to a student's interests.

Visiting Experts: To be announced.
What is the cost of the ADD in the Spirit Training Program?
The total cost for the program is $2,250. which includes a $250. deposit to reserce your place
in the class.** Fees can be paid monthly, the $250.00/month fee due a week prior to the upcoming month. Fees received after the fifth of the month will incur a 10% late fee, or $25.00. (Insufficient funds' charge additional). Payment is in the form of a money order or personal check payable to ADD in the Spirit mailed to:
  Peggy Ramundo
357 Thrall Street
Cincinnati, OH 45220
 ** For those who choose to pay their tuition in full at the beginning of training, the $250.00 deposit
fee is waived.
 Peggy and Madelyn thank you for your interest in joining our community of students. If you would like to be part of this exciting and rewarding training, send Peggy an email message so she can set up a time to talk with you: CoachPeggyRamundo