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At the day-to-day level, what are the difficulties that hold you back from greater success and satisfaction?

Our Challenges Checklist may help you:

  • Define and prioritize specific challenges impacting you
  • Organize talking points if you choose to speak with us.

How do these difficulties impact you?

1. Poor time Awareness & Utilization
Trouble estimating, organizing, tracking time. It’s
diffuse, unmanageable. Tend to ignore it.

2. Distractible, Impulsive
Attention easily grabbed, captured by immediate.
Jumping from thing to thing. Snap decisions.

3. Moods & Attitudes
Self-motivation, activation, and optimism can quickly change, sometimes ON sometimes OFF.

4. Attention Variability
At times locked on, zeroed-in, hyper-focused.
Other times, overwhelmed, brain-locked, stuck.

5. Disorganization, Scattered
Trouble structuring projects, paper, details,
finances, deadlines, or the physical objects of life.

6. Over Activity
On the move, rarely settled physically or mentally.
“Roaming” to the detriment of larger priorities.

7. Verbal Communication Skills
Trouble listening well, “spacing out”, off topic,
interrupting, over-talking, tangents, repeating.

8. Transitions, Shifting Focus
Trouble moving focus between tasks or time
frames. Hate interruptions. Often late.

9. Perfectionism
Black or white thinking. All or nothing. Stuck on
details. Excellence Only. Impression is important.

10. Goal Attainment
Trouble formulating, organizing, and completing
desired goals. Not reaching your potential in personal
or professional life.

We welcome you to send your checklist to us and set up a free Goals Interview Call to discuss you goals and challenges.

Please offer us call times that are 3-5 weekdays out from the day you submit this request

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What do you want to achieve with coaching?

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