Our team offers ADD coaching, consultations, and coach training / mentoring

1. One-to-one Phone Coaching

Our ADHD coaching is purchased one month at a time.
Your monthly coaching program includes several things:

  • Phone Sessions
  • The foundation of the process is 3 or 4, 50-minue session each month. It is in-depth on ADHD knowledge, ambitions and goals, challenges, strengths, motivation, and support.

  • Action Plans
  • Phone sessions conclude with a personalized Action Plan. This is your Self-Work for the week, the nuts and bolts of success. It can include learning new skills, habits, tools, or thinking. Master challenges, use structure, activate and execute.

  • Electronic Check-ins
  • Consistent support is key to great coaching outcomes. Regular contact in between phone sessions helps sustain commitment, accountability, and focused action. A pattern of check-ins is agreed to, be it via email, text, or brief calls.

    * The fee range for our one-to-one phone coaching is $450 – $525 per month, depending on the level of service coach and client agree to.

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    2. One-to-One Phone Consultations

    Not ready for month-to-month coaching but have questions on your mind?
    Consults are one-time discussions to help clients gain information and direction on a particular matter of interest. They are an ideal way to get expert perspective on a situation, to weigh options, to decide on next steps, or learn about trusted resources.

    Our ADHD coaches can offer expertise on a wide variety of topics. Here is a list of seven sample consult topics:

    • What makes up a good ADHD evaluation?
    • How best to locate experts in my town or region?
    • Are there accurate ways to “self-diagnose” ADD?
    • Should I be thinking in terms of therapy or coaching or neither?
    • What does evidence show about an overall approach to dealing with ADHD?
    • I am recently diagnosed, so what might a plan of next steps look like?
    • How do I communicate my ADHD experience effectively to others?

    * The fee for a 90-minute consult is $165.

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    3. Coach Training and Mentoring

    Several of our leading ADD coaches have teamed up to offer a variety of training and mentoring programs for aspiring human development professionals. This is advanced material with an emphasis on actually practicing new methods and skills with your own clients.

    Professional organizers, life coaches, ADHD coaches, performance coaches, social workers, and counselors are expanding their expertise through these programs.

    Developing the principles and practices of the Coach-Approach to client interaction can truly enhance outcomes. Each respective program is grounded in ICF Life Coaching standards while maintaining a focus on ADHD-specific approaches.

    For specifics, Coach Training and Mentoring

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