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You and your ADHD coach build a monthly program around these five components:

1. Initial Background Review

First phone session, 75-minutes

Where are you now and where to do you want to go? This is an inclusive conversation so your coach fully understands the essentials of your current life, your ADHD, the changes, challenges, and achievements you want to address.
Discussion may include:

  • Career / work history
  • Daily / monthly responsibilities
  • Household / family routine
  • Your ADD background
  • Favorite interests, activities, strengths
  • Life-balance & wellness
  • Desired changes & goal areas

Review the kinds of goals clients have: Buy Phentermine Pills

2. Ongoing Coaching Sessions

Phone calls, 50-minutes, 3 or 4 per month

After your Initial Review, you’ll begin regular weekly coaching sessions. This is where the nuts and bolts work is done. Through directed inquiry and collaborative design, you and your ADHD coach work on topics such as new ways to resolve challenges, build strengths, employ knowledge, gain structure, and sustain focus to follow through.

Read about our diverse team of ADD coaches: Buy Phentermine 37.5 Weight Loss

3. Weekly Self-Work Activities

Things you accomplish in-between coaching sessions.

Each coaching session ends with individualized Self-Work activities for your week ahead. This work will fit your energy, time, and priorities. It could include new skills, tools, habits, or systems to try. Learn to master challenges, use structure and time, activate and execute well.

Prioritize your ADD challenges: Phentermine 70 Mg

4. Weekly Check-ins

Brief contact for support and accountability

Our ADHD coaches work with you on a pattern of brief contacts that fit your goals and needs. Brief calls, emails, texts, etc are used week-to-week for purposes like problem solving, reminders, progress report, motivation check, and kind words of encouragement.

Advantages of phone-based ADD coaching: Purchase Phentermine Cheap

5. Long-Term Support Program

After a few months of coaching move to less contact

New clients should plan for 3 or 4 months of initial coaching. After this time you may choose to continue with your regular schedule, discontinue fully, or begin our Long-Term Support. Typically this is 2–3 more months with your coach, using weekly email and twice-a-month phone sessions, to continue to grow your self-empowerment skills.

Review the kinds of goals clients have: Buy Phentermine Pills

We welcome you to set up a free Buy Phentermine Hcl 37.5Mg Tablets. - Bring Your Goals To Life -