We are a group of professional ADHD coaches who came together on the web over 15 years ago to offer a progressive, multi-dimensional approach to bring greater success and satisfaction to our clients’ lives.

Our mission and full dedication is to help guide, educate, and empower individuals affected by ADHD from all walks of life to master their strengths and struggles, while creating their own best principles and practices to live out their full potential.

Honoring the Founder

Kate Kelly, created ADDed Dimension Coaching Group in 1999. Kate was a true pioneer in the field of adult ADD/ADHD, impacting innumerable lives over her career as a gifted helper, educator, and author.

Kate 2The world of ADD lost one of its brightest stars in September 2012 when Kate passed away. Thanks for all you gave, Kate. Your special wit and wisdom were an enormous gift to so many.

In 2007 Kate and Peggy Ramundo published the second edition of their ground breaking best-seller, You Mean I’m Not Lazy, Stupid or Crazy?!

Their book is a classic in the field and continues to inspire many to adapt a positive perspective and is a strengths-based approach to greater success and happiness.

Kate and Peggy’s second book, The ADDed Dimension, celebrates the opportunities, rewards, and challenges of the ADD experience. It’s about new thinking and fresh approaches for application in day-to-day life. With a little creativity, there’s a positive use for every seemingly strange talent, trait, or “symptom.” There’s nothing more empowering than moving past the “big struggle” perspective. Success is not just about “fixing your broken stuff.”

Get acquainted with our team’s past and present endeavors as innovators, authors, trainers, and of course client-centered coaches. We have helped hundreds of clients across North America demystify ADHD, and build a bright new chapter of achievement.

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