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Top 10 FAQs
These are the questions we get most about our coaching

1. Am I ready for coaching? What does it take?

Clients need to be action-ready, committed to learning and growth, and open to new approaches. Coaching is not therapy, and not a quick fix for crises. Clients need to have the necessary space in their lives to comfortably commit the time and money necessary for great results. Coaching is a serious investment in personal development. Our Buy Phentermine Pills work with clients from all walks of life on a variety of goal areas.
Read about clients: Buy Phentermine 37.5 Weight Loss

2. How frequently do the coaching sessions happen?

Coaching is paid for and carried out on a month-to-month basis. A typical coaching month includes 3-4 phone sessions, 50 minutes in duration. Also a pattern of weekly check-ins via phone, text, or email is agreed upon. Frequent contact with your ADHD coach helps maintain focus, accountability, and motivation.
Review more details about Phentermine 70 Mg

3. What do you actually talk about on the phone sessions?

Your ADD Coach starts with a comprehensive look at your ADD background, strengths, challenges, and desired outcomes. Several long and short-term goals are set right at the beginning. To accomplish those goals, a variety of nuts and bolts topics could be covered on the coaching sessions, for example:

  • Weekly action plans
  • Support / accountability needs
  • Structure & habits
  • Project & time management
  • Balancing lifestyle demands
  • Strengths-based strategies
  • Self-coaching/ ADHD expertise
  • Office/work flow/ paper systems

Review fuller description: Purchase Phentermine Cheap

4. What happens in between the weekly phone sessions?

At each phone session, coach and client devise a SELF-Work plan for the week ahead. This is your concrete, goal-orientated activities done as your time allows until the next phone session. Examples would be a new habit or system, career or business steps, office or workflow strategies, planning and project methods, or life-balance activities. There are also skills and tools to practice for ADD challenges like procrastination, distraction, and overwhelm.
Prioritize your coaching goals: Buy Real Phentermine Online

5. How long does it take to get results?

Certain kinds of results can happen right away. The first weeks of your coaching are often about current life / work demands, priorities, problems, and ADHD self-management. The focus is your short term goals and challenges. During the first month, attention starts to shift to the longer term goals related to areas like career, business, life-balance, personal finances, education, household, or major transition. Through the coaching process there is an emphasis on learning self-coaching skills to support future success. We recommend new clients think in terms of 3–4 months of coaching. In addition to month-to-month coaching, we offer one-time consultations, and a long-term support program for those having completed a period of coaching: Buy Phentermine Hcl 37.5Mg Tablets

6. Is ADHD coaching different than “regular” life-coaching?

ADD coaching is a specialized field with its own training and certification system. Beyond standard Life Coaching skills, it requires high-level ADD knowledge, experience, and competency with ADD-specific best-practices. ADHD is a complex brain-based condition that impacts many areas of life. Skilled and effective ADHD coaches operate from evidence-based models, and know the true life experience of those affected by ADHD. Fuller description: Phentermine Online Cod.

7. During the coaching conversation what is the coach actually doing?

There are several dimensions within the coaching conversation. Our ADHD coaches use three approaches based on your needs: coach as expert guide to greater ADD knowledge; coach as creative partner to co-design effective strategies; coach as supportive ally to facilitate motivation, action, and accountability.
More on coach-client interaction: Phentermine Topiramate Purchase

8. To be coached must I be diagnosed with ADHD?

It is not necessary to have been evaluated for ADHD by a medical or psychological professional to use our services. Our ADHD coaches work with clients from all walks of life and backgrounds. Some have known about their ADHD since childhood, others found out in adult life, while others are in a process of self-discovery and education. Coaching or not, a huge part of success with ADHD is ongoing learning. Recommended resources: Phentermine Purchase Buy

9. What are the real advantages to coaching over the phone?

There are a few important opportunities phone coaching offers those affected by ADHD. When it comes to successful assistance for ADHD, serious expertise, continuity, and lots of experience are extremely important. With phone-based coaching your location is not a limitation. The phone lets you work with an expert consistently, and it lets you find a coach who truly fits your personality, background, and goals. Fuller discussion: Online Phentermine 37.5

10. Can you give me a good definition of life coaching?

Life coaching done well is a collaborative partnership, dedicated to evoking greater expression of the client’s potentialities through greater self-mastery and goal attainment. At the ground level, coaching is a practical, goal orientated endeavor that utilizes various skills, strategies, and support fitted to the person.

Coaching is not therapy or a quick fix for a crisis situation. It is not about healing psychological wounds. It is not just cheerleading; it isn’t dominated by a “just try harder” mentality; and it isn’t some kind of mental “boot camp.” A quality ADHD coach does not use hype or over-the-top claims. They work with you slowly and surely to achieve real and attainable progress on the things you really care about. The coach-client relationship is professional, confidential, and structured.

Review our policy and practices concerning Buy Axcion Phentermine 30Mg

We welcome you to set up a free Phentermine Cheap. - Bring Your Goals To Life -