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Two leading coaches, Cameron Gott and Denslow Brown, have developed a variety of high level programs that will take your coaching skills to the next level.

Depending on your level of training and certification, both the mentoring and training programs can provide CEU’s, Coach Specific Training Hours ICF, or ADD Coach Academy requirements.

ADD Coach Training Programs

All trainings are grounded in the Core Competencies established by the International Coaching Federation. Although ADHD is not in the title of each course, application of course content to the needs of ADHD clients is addressed throughout.

1. The Coach Approach for Organizers
The application of coaching skills to organizing work is a powerful way to enable client success. The program employs a collaborative, strengths-based model. Topics include building the partnership, leading with curiosity, practicing extraordinary listening, providing effective support, and maintaining accountability.

Participants can work through several levels of the program leading to an Organizer Coach Certification. There is a strong Coaching Lab component to practice with high-level coaches.

CEUs can be gained, as well as Approved Coach-Specific Training Hours and International Coaching Federation.

Full description, dates, times, and fees: Buy Phentermine Pills

2. Advanced Coach Training Courses
These are for previously trained coaches who have studied under approved trainings or organizations. Coaches in fields like Productivity, Organization, Career, ADHD, or Life-Balance gain advanced knowledge and skills. Also, CEUs and Approved Coach-Specific Training Hours for International Coaching Federation credentials are awarded.

These courses cycle through the year and cover various advanced content:

  • Coaching the ADHD Client, From Awareness To Action
  • Leadership Coaching: Coaching the Leader
  • ADHD Education: knowledge is power
  • Life Duration Coaching
  • Productivity Coaching
  • Holistic Time Coaching

More information: Buy Phentermine 37.5 Weight Loss

Coach Mentoring Programs

Working closely with skilled coaches is a powerful way to learn and practice new proficiencies, as well as gain expertise about the business of coaching. Coaches from a variety of fields come to this program to learn several ADHD-specific elements of coaching:

  • To become more effective with ADHD clients
  • To learn advanced coaching models and methods
  • To access practice building concepts, resources, and support
  • To gain professional CEUs or mentoring hours for coaching credentials, (International Coaching Federation, ADD Coach Academy)

There are two ways for coaches to participate in mentoring:

1. Small Group Mentor Coaching
This program is limited to five students and maintains a fun collaborative environment. It’s also an economical options with no homework and a clear focus on ICF Core Competencies.

2. Individual Mentor Coaching
This program is offered in five or ten hour options, and all of its content is tailored to your individual issues, interests, practice building goals, and certification needs.

Whether you choose Small Group or Individual Mentoring, there is a strong emphasis on practicum work, “coaching labs,” working on new methods, and gaining direct feedback.

For more details on format, scheduling, and fees, Phentermine 70 Mg