Your location is not a limitation to finding what you need.There are three very helpful advantages coaching over the phone offers individualsaffected by ADHD:

l. Connect one-to-one with an expert coach

Thriving is a lot about growing your ADD knowledge
ADD is a complex mix of brain-based strengths and challenges, as well as ingrained habits developedover time as personal compensation strategies. Our coaches have the expertise to help you to greater ADD self-knowledge. They’ll also help you through the ADD information maze. What is fact or fiction, or evidence- based opinion? What are established best-practices?

ll. Connect frequently and flexiblyOne’s greater success is a lot about consistency

Forging results through regular contact is a core aspect of our coaching format. Weekly phone sessions focus on goals, strategies and action plans. Also, regular electronic check-ins offer feedback, support, problem solving, and accountability checks. Our coaches work with yourtime zone, daily routine, and travel etc. to sustain the frequent interaction that brings focusand follow through.

lll. Connect with a coach for who YOU are

A strong coaching partnership energizes the process
A good person-to-person “fit” with your coach is essential. You should find each otherinteresting and engaging. This “human element” facilitates commitment, motivation, andactivation. Often the most problematic ADHD challenges are procrastination, overwhelmor “brain lock,” and energy ups and downs. It is a powerful thing to be in a collaborativepartnership with a coach who understands, encourages, and challenges you to the right degree.Has it been tough to find ADD experts that also offer personalized support?

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