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For over 16 years our practice has been offering clients three hard to find things in one place:

  • Top level life coaching skills
  • Serious ADHD expertise
  • A diverse experienced team to serve a diverse clientele

Get acquainted with our coaches, also leading authors, trainers, and advocates in the field.

DaveDave Brattain, ACG, SCAC, BCC
“Lasting change is a lot about becoming your OWN best coach.”

Dave on Coaching

“It is a fascinating person-to-person process. We are a team of two, focused on you, building your self-expertise at two levels. There is the “Inner Game” of knowledge, awareness, mind sets, and motivation. There is the “Outer Game” of actions, habits, systems, and skills. Mastering YOUR version of both empowers personal and professional development in a lasting satisfying way.”

Background / Credentials

Dave has been coaching professionally for over 15 years. He trained at the Optimal Functioning Institute, ADD Coach Academy, and Career Coach Academy. Dave was credentialed as Senior Certified Coach IAAC, 2007, and is currently a Board Certified Coach through CCE, 2013. He was a Charter Principle Coach (2002) at ADDed Dimension Group. Dave is our Coordinator of Services, making sure you get the best coach for your preferences, background, and goals.

PeggyPeggy E. Ramundo, BS, A.C.T., SCAC
“Fashion a lifestyle that brings you to what you were born to do.”

Peggy on Coaching

“Getting better at the “doing” part of life is not always first. My coaching starts with self-discovery. We identify and honor the full individual, your dreams, values, and spirit. With self-knowledge and self-acceptance you trust your strengths and choices. We build the boundaries and structures that bring better order, focused action, and happy outcomes.”

Background / Credentials

Peggy is a true pioneer in the field with 25 years as an educator, advocate, trainer and coach. Positions of note include co-founder Council of Greater Cincinnati, Director of Coach Training OFI, board member National Attention Deficit Disorder Association, and speaker at national conferences: ADDA, CHADD, ACO.

Peggy became a Senior Certified Coach, AAC 2008, and was a Charter
Principle Coach here at ADDed Dimension group in 2002.

Among her proudest achievements is the ground breaking best seller, You Mean I’m Not Lazy, Stupid, or Crazy?! (1993, 2007), coauthored with
her beloved friend Kate Kelly, Buy Phentermine Pills.

CameronCameron Gott, PCC, BCC
“It’s transformative to solve that gap between intention & action.”

Cam on Coaching

“Coaching is an engaging, co-creative endeavor focused on solid outcomes. With shared commitment and accountability, we employ my AEC system: AWARENESS,ENGAGEMENT, COMPLETION. We bring to light your strengths that need to grow. We find personal best practices to master time and goals. You develop self-assurance and new capacities to FINISH what matters most.”

Background / Credentials

Cam has been coaching professionally for over17 years. He is a Professional Certified Coach, ICF, and a Board Certified Coach, CCE. He became a Principle Coach at our group in 2006. He has developed coach training and mentoring programs since 2007, including work at ADD Coach Academy. He is a contributing author to ICD’s The Guide for Professional Organizers, and is a leading presenter at professional conferences. Cam’s great blog is at Buy Phentermine 37.5 Weight Loss.

DenslowCam collaborates with Denslow Brown to offer high level coach training and coach mentoring services. Denslow is the only person in the organizing and coaching professions with the highest credentials in both fields, attesting to her decades of experience, training, and leadership. She is a Certified Professional Organizer, Master Trainer of Organizers, and Master Certified Coach through the International Coaching Federation. Learn more at Phentermine 70 Mg.

Jo-AnnJo Ann Skinner, PCC, BCC, ACAC
“Opening doors to growth, stepping through to new horizons.”

Jo Ann on Coaching

“There is no greater reward for me then hearing that first subtle shift in a client’s voice, the sense of excitement, and being able to seize on that energy to see goals turning into reality. I support my clients by developing their sense of self-awareness, expanding their self-confidence and reinforcing their competence. The goal is for each client to eventually become independent and manage themselves.”

Background / Credentials

Jo Ann has coached professionally for over 7 years. She is a Professional Certified Coach with ICF, a Board Certified Coach, BCC and an Associate Certified Coach with IAAC. Jo Ann has developed training and mentoring programs since 2014 with JST Coaching and Training. She has presented at several professional conferences. She loves to learn and continually takes classes to keep up with new developments in ADHD and coaching. Jo Ann became an Associate at Added Dimension 2016, and we love having her.

WendyWendy Richardson, M. A., MFT, CAS
“Don’t let life kick your butt to the point that it’s harder to get HELP.”
Wendy is a licensed Marriage, Family Therapist, and Certified Addictions Specialist. She provides phone consultations with our clients facing issues around ADD and addictive behaviors be it food, drugs, gambling, internet, sex, or shopping.

Much of her 30 year career in mental health has been dedicated to breaking myths and stigma, and educating other ADHD professionals. Her therapy work is dedicated to those affected by the double challenges of ADHD and addictive behaviors. Clients know her as full of straight talk, “tough love,” and heartfelt understanding.

Wendy is the author of two leading books in the field:

We welcome you to set up a free Purchase Phentermine Cheap. Dave, Peggy, Cam, Jo Ann, Wendy, Denslow - Bring Your Goals To Life -