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Our team of experts works with adults on the full range of goal areas
Performance at Work
personal best, productivity, project management, multi-tasking, follow-through and completion

Matters of Time & Organization
planners, lists, promises, details and deadlines
Household Order
schedules and routines, clutter, meals, bills, paper
HOME-based office effeciency
self-structuring, procastination, activation, systems and organization - getting things done on your own
Relationships, Intimacy, Sexuality
partners and spouses living well and happy together
School or Training
study routines, learning styles, project completion,
writing methods
Life Balance
juggling career, home, health, self, social life, ADD..
Career Development
building on strengths and passions, maximyzing your potential, wise decisions about the future

Social & Communication Skills
building friendships, harmony with coworkers, clarity and calmness at home

Skills so life just works better day-to-day
managing overwhelm and brain lock, self-care, decision making, core routines and project completion.
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NO change...
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Meet our ADD Coaches, experts, authors, leaders in the field
  Kate Kelly Peggy Ramundo
Dave Brattain Cameron Gott
  Wendy Richardson   Paul Ravenscraft
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See Kate Kelly, Paul Ravenscraft and other experts discuss the value of quality coaching,  

This video clip is from the 2009 award winning film, ADD & Loving It ?!
Learn the latest from the best, bust the myths with humor and real expertise.
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